Tree Service Castle Rock CO is the resource for tree care in Castle Rock and surrounding areas.  We have served the area for over 20 years and know the unique nature of our soils, trees, insects, and diseases in Douglas County. We guarantee high-quality results and promote lawn and tree health.
We are also very aware of the needs of our urban environment and follow our own sustainability initiative.

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Tree Service Castle Rock CO Professional Services

Tree Service Castle Rock CO serves clients in Pinery, Stonegate, and Castle Rock, CO. We also serve many other surrounding Colorado communities and HOAs. Tree Service Castle Rock is a professional, insured tree service with licensed arborists.

We choose to treat our professional as a craft where we provide the best quality service to our clients, homeowners, and management facilities needing tree service attention. We are consistent, and reliable, and have 20 years of experience to beautify your landscapes and neighborhoods.

Why Winter Watering is Important in Castle Rock

Surprise! Winter watering is sometimes vital to prevent tree branch dieback and sometimes tree mortality. Weather, drought, and hard Colorado soils are a few essential reasons to water in the winter. Trees continue to need moisture during the winter, and sometimes our dry and hard clay soils won’t allow water absorption, which may cause damage the following spring. Read more about why winter watering is important.

Deep Tree Fertilization Benefits to Trees

Deep tree fertilization is a way to improve your tree’s health and vitality all year long. This is a series of nutrients injected into the root zone of trees and the nutrients are time-released over many months up to a year in length. Deep Root Fertilization Promotes:

  • Tree Health
  • Tree Growth
  • Disease Resistance
  • Insect Resistance
  • Weather and Drought Resistance

Read more about the benefits of deep root fertilization.

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Pine Sawfly Updates

Pine sawflies in Douglas County and Elbert County Colorado update; what the adult male and female sawflies look like and what trees they affect in our area. Learn more about the pine sawfly and how to remove the pest.

Emerald Ash Borer Updates

Our Colorado neighbors are wondering if we need to worry about the emerald ash borer (EAB). So far, the state and other offices are managing the quarantine in the Boulder area. However, if and when it spreads its wings and flies a half-mile from its exit hole in an ash tree, the EAB can go many places quickly.
Read more about emerald ash borer prevention and what you can do to protect healthy ash trees instead of removing infested ones.