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I hired Arborscape to remove two dead aspen trees in the backyard. Their estimate for tree/stump grinding came in considerably less than another well-known company. Arborscape also had a smaller stump grinder to get through the gate. Other companies only had a large machine so they couldn’t complete stump grinding projects unless they did it by hand at increased costs. Workers arrived on time, completed the project, and were gone in a few hours. Definitely recommend.

Terry T.
Denver, CO

Just wanted to do a quick update.

We used Arborscape again this spring to fertilize and do preventive treatment on our remaining ash trees for ash boring beetles.  The white ash that they originally treated in 2012 is doing awesome and seems that it never got attacked by the beetles after the first treatment.  It looks great and I’ve noticed a huge difference in the growth of the tree since they have been fertilizing.

On the other purple ash, which had been bored back in 2012 (along with our purple ash that died) it has come back and is now growing vigorously again, and no signs of any further beetle infestation.   Looks like we got to this one before it was too late, and the tree is now thriving!

We will continue using Arborscape every spring and fall – the results are well worth the cost.   And as I said in my prior review, the staff are always courteous and friendly.

Chris G.Denver, CO

Our family is a big fan of ArborScape. They KNOW what they are talking about, present reasonable action plans, and follow-through. Oh, and everyone with whom we have interacted was very courteous.

Team Ambassador, CO

I just wanted to compliment the crew that removed my tree and ground the roots. Both guys were very courteous and did a great job cleaning up after they finished. I definitely will recommend ArborScape to my friends.

Naomi Takase. Littleton, CO

Just want to say thanks for the service provided. If I hear of others
needing your type of service I will let them know of ArborScape.

Donald Davis
Highlands Ranch, CO

Robbie, Nick and Brian just removed my tree and did a great job and were fast and pleasant and left it looking great.

Thank you,

Linda H.  – Littleton, CO. 80126


I am writing to thank you and your Arborscape crew for your services this past year.  You and your staff did an outstanding job managing the trees and plants on our property this past season.

As you know, we have a relatively new home, with a lot of very old and very nice native Ponderosa pines.  Some of these trees were damaged during the construction process, and I know without your services, we would have lost more than one of our trees.  The reason we built our home where we did was because of the trees.  I realize the impact of losing a tree and what happens to the value and beauty of our home.  You and your Arborscape crew have been very helpful in maintaining and preserving the trees on our property, and our investment.

Through the use of state-of-the-art chemicals and fertilizers, along with the soil drilling and sanding, I know you saved a tree that we thought we would lose for sure.  Our Homeowners Association thought so as well, as we received a nasty letter telling us to remove it within 30 days.   Nothing makes me happier than to see the trees’ health continue to improve (and the fact that I can tell my HOA to mind their own business now)!

I appreciate the fact that you supervise every job, and your staff does not cut any corners when you are not around.  I have watched your crews fertilize my plants and trees, spray for pine beetles, remove a tree, prune branches, etc. and in every case, they did a thorough and complete job, without leaving a mess.  Additionally, the people you have sent out have been professional and courteous, and good representatives of your company.

Please sign us up for your service plan again for 2007, and keep up the good work.

Thanks again,
Gary Bennett
Castle Rock, Colo.

We had a great experience with ArborScape Services recently. We had several trees trimmed in our back and front yards. Your crew chief was very professional and knowledgeable and did everything that was on the list without me having to re-explain what needed to be done.

When the day was over, the yard was immaculate and the trees looked great, especially our Locust tree. Your crew was also proactive in grinding some extra stumps that we hadn’t contracted for. I appreciate the attention to detail.

I will continue to recommend your services to friends and neighbors. Thanks again for your great work.

Dave Carlson
Littleton, Colo.

David Merriman is passionate about his work and business. he had more than 20 years of experience as an Arborist and is skilled in all aspects of tree care. I’ve known David for more than eight years and can recommend him with confidence. When I have a question about trees I call David and you will be well served to do the same.

John Lane, President
BestYard.com, Inc.

Our Homeowner Associate neighborhood, comprised of 68 homes and perhaps four acres of common area, is approximately five years old.

While we are satisfied with our general landscaping contractor in many ways, we were not pleased with their care and the consequent performance of our trees and shrubs. Most (but not all) trees and plants were surviving but nothing was thriving.

Last Spring, we hired David Merriman and ArborScape to take over care and maintenance of all trees and shrubs. What a difference! In just one year, the improvement was very noticeable. I would venture to say that in many instances the amount of growth in our plants in that one year matched their growth in all four preceding years. During the course of the year, a number of homeowners called to complain that their plants had not been pruned in the Spring. When we checked, we found that universally that they had been pruned but had grown so much (as much as 3 or 4 feet) in the interim that the homeowner assumed that they had never been pruned!

In short, I cannot say enough good things about David and his crew. The simplest thing I can say: we’re hiring them again this year and plan to keep them for the foreseeable future.

Will Purnell, President
Star Canyon Homeowner’s Association

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