You live in Castle Rock for the trees. But an infestation of insects, disease, drought, or fungus can degrade the overall health and beauty of your trees.

ArborScape offers the best tree and bush spraying as part of a holistic Plant Health Care program.  A healthy tree keeps disease away and fends off encroaching pests. With our services, an experienced plant health care technician will examine your tree for undesirable insects and lack of nutrients in the soil.

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The benefits of working with ArborScape Tree Spraying:

  • Qualified Supervisor as designated by the State of Colorado. Every year, unqualified professionals and amateurs pollute our water and poison our lands and wildlife. Work with us and preserve your property.
  • International Society of Arboriculture certified arborist. We also sponsor the Rocky Mountain chapter website and volunteer.
  • Discounts of up to 35% for groups and large volume work.

We’ve found that the right mixture of spraying, tree fertilization, and pruning will help trees and shrubs. Obviously, your neighborhood, the existing conditions of the greenery, and regulations can play a factor in how we care for your species of tree.

Also look into our deep root fertilization, which increases tree health and vitality by injecting the tree zone with key nutrients in a time-release method (one treatment can last up to a year in length). All work is guaranteed by the ArborScape Tree Service Castle Rock and Castle Rock teams.

Castle Rock pine trees to start healthy and beautiful, need regular tree spraying services! A tree service that often gets neglected, tree spraying is one of the best ways to keep your Castle Rock home protected from harmful burrowing beetles and insects.

Our Castle Rock tree service company is licensed for tree spraying, and we are highly trained in determining exactly what type of tree spraying your trees need to be at their peak.

The proper plant health care plan includes:

  • Preventive spraying
  • Systemic injections into the bark
  • Cultural controls such as adding nutrients and winter watering

Insects and Disease Control Options

The most effective method to prevent aphids and other defoliating insects is to spray the tree with a pesticide or fungicide as a contact preventive agent.

Injections are a good option if you have environmental concerns about pesticide spraying or for insects that have several generations that attack the target tree each year.  Injections have almost no chance of entering the groundwater supply.

Application of fertilizer is sometimes a good solution to promote the vigor of the tree allowing it to better fight off insects & diseases as well.  Adding water and nutrients to the soil will bolster the tree’s natural defense system.

Common Tree Insects and Diseases

Here is a list of the most common insects found in Castle Rock area trees:

  • Mountain Pine Beetle (MPB)
  • Ips Bark Beetle – target pine & spruce trees
  • Spider Mites
  • Aphids
  • Ash Borer – active in early spring
  • Pine Zimmerman Moth

And here are the three diseases we most frequently treat & prevent:

  • Cytospora
  • Elm & Dutch Elm Disease – a fungal infection spread by park beetles
  • Fire Blight – named for its appearance of leaves looking fire-scorched, this contagious bacteria affects primarily apple & pear trees
  • Pine wilt

Insect & Disease Control Timing

In almost every plant health care situation, the timing of application is the important factor in whether it works fully.  For example, dormant oils are injected into the tree before it comes out of its winter hibernation state.

Most insect infestations occur at a particular time every year.  Mountain Pine Beetles are active in July and August especially. Ash Borer for clear winged ash borer and red-headed ash borer starts in Late April-May, and the Pine Zimmerman Moth is best prevented in September.

If your trees have a specific insect or disease control issue, please contact us to receive a free quote and request information on the best time of year to combat the problem.

To get a free estimate from our qualified arborist team, get a free estimate here.