ArborScape has a staff ISA arborist and a plant health care consultant with sixty+ years of combined experience.  Besides evaluating a tree trimming or tree disease condition, we also offer services tailored to large properties, homeowners’ associations, and commercial properties.
These are full-service consulting projects which can help a community plan for the future. This type of information is valuable for urban planning, community development, and tree planting programs that are done at scale.

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Tree Service Castle Rock CO Arborists – Tree and Landscape Valuations

Wondering what might be the replacement cost of your forest and landscape trees? There are actually several factors concerned to give you an accurate value for your trees and shrubs.  Arborists are becoming adept at telling you the value of your trees, how much it would cost to replace them, and even how to value the built-in value of a tree that is decades old.

Feasibility studies

It seems like there’s always a billionaire in the news who’s in hot water for cutting down scores of trees to allow for a better view, new structures, etc. An arboricultural feasibility study can help property owners work with local tree boards and within city regulations.
On a smaller scale, consulting arborists are frequently called on to assess the damage to trees that a construction project might cause. And for widespread tree planting, we can help determine the number and species of trees to plant, to take advantage of existing nutrients, and maximize the establishment of the planting campaign.

Call us today at 303-795-2381 to have one of our arborists consult with you on your needs. While an arborist report is an investment, it can more than save money if you have large-scale urban forests under your management.

Read about the basic tree valuation system we use as a starting point:

PEGSMOR – Categorizing Urban Arboricultural Management

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